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Exceptional Folder Protection And Hiding Methods

I believe that more exclusive the method is for protection, the lesser are the chances that your file or folder will be altered by unauthorized users. In this post we will show some unconventional methods to hide your folders in such a way that they are less prone to unauthorized user access.

Totally Hide Your Folders

The advantage of this method is that the file won’t show up in search terms nor the folder would be seen by anyone, to apply this method follow these instructions.

Make a new folder on the desktop, while the default folder name is highlighted hold ALT+0160, 0160 is an ALT key combination for non-breakable spaces.


After applying the 0160 code your folder should look like this


To completely hide your folder, it is necessary now to hide the icon too, to do so, right click on you folder, select the customized tab then click on the change icon button and select the blank folder icon which can be found on the middle portion of the available icons.



Viola, it’s done and only you could know the location of this folder.

Access Denied Folder

This method works in Works in Windows XP and Windows Vista only. This method comprises of the command CACLS that modifies the control access list of your file or folder which means it grants the administrator the right to choose which user is allowed to view the content of the folder. To use this method follow these steps.

First , make a folder name data on C: drive.


Start the command prompt by clicking Run and typing CMD, in the main windows type cd\ to directly jump to the C: drive. To secure the folder type,

CACLS foldername or filename /d everyone and press Enter. Here we deny all users from accessing the folder by using the /d or deny option.


So here were some rather unconventional methods to secure your folders from unauthorized access. If you would like to ask something, please leave a comment.

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  • lt

    Asad then how to delete it? i cannot delete..stuck on my desktop

  • @It

    Which method did u choose … i can tell you better if i know which method you applied for securing ?

  • Need Some Help

    erm… “Access Denied Folder” if everyone cant access it, how can i open it?

  • WTF

    I’ve hidden the files but I cant access it now..WTF?

  • @WTF and need some help

    To unprotect your folder, type CACLS myfolder /g everyone:F Then press enter.

    Remeber that /g is an option that grants all users. F means that users has full control over our folder.

  • Hmph. Does the Alt key + the 0160 not work for Windows XP? I can’t get it to accept that code. I really want to have sneaky files on my desk top…*lol*

  • elwoode

    it only works the 0160 method I mean, if your pc has a separate number keypad at the side,my laptop doesnt so I cant use this method

  • azumi azano

    hey need some help here!
    even if i type the codes to
    unprotect it it does not work
    i accidentally apply it to one of
    my drive now i cant open it and i cant even unlock it!!!!!
    plsssssssssssssss……………… help me

    • To unprotect your folder to which you applied the protection. Type this code

      CACLS [your folder name] /g everyone:F

      And it will be back. 🙂

  • qaddoax

    does it work with windows7