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Exclude Specific Files/Folders From Incremental Backups With SaBackup

There are many free backup services out there, that let you create backup copies of your data, but most of them get you confused with a lot of advanced options and complex menus. SaBackup is an open source backup application that creates incremental backups of your data by using Microsoft’s Robocop and Volume Shadow Copy service. You can add backup sources from an easy-to-use GUI, and define multiple folders to backup at a time. Moreover, it allows you to exclude file types, and specific files and folders from the backup sources, allowing you to customize the backups according to your need. The application enables you to run applications as pre-backup and post-backup operations. Running some applications require you to start them as administrator, and prompt you to enter administrator password; SaBackup lets you start applications as administrator by default. The backup files do not need any special application to view, and can be accessed from any regular file explorer.

The application has Backup to local drive and Backup to network share options available at the top. The list of selected Backup Sources appear in the middle, while Add backup source, Edit backup source, Delete backup source, Move backup source up and Move backup source down, Start backup and Advanced settings buttons can be accessed from the bottom. Once the Backup Sources are added, click Start backup to start the process.


To create a new backup source, select Add backup source to access the New source window. Enter the name of your backup and enter directory path. If you want to exclude any specific files, file types or subfolders from the main folder, you can add them under Exclude Files and Exclude Folders. When every thing is done, click OK. Add multiple backup sources in the same way.

New source

Select Advanced Settings to configure options such as Number of retries on failed operations, Wait time between retries, Run program before backup and Run program after backup. You can choose to start the applications as administrator by default. Other options allow you to run a Program, or a Script, along with Arguments, after the backup process is finished. Click OK to save the changes.

Advanced Settings

During backup, click Show Details button to view the complete log of the backup process, including Total, Copied, Skipped, Mismatch, Failed and Extras folders and files processed.

SaBackup Detail 2

SaBackup works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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