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EXIF ReName Extracts Date & Time Information To Rename Photos [Windows]

Phones have become the de-facto cameras for many people and as we all know, phones have become smart. If it were only a matter of photos staying on a phone, iOS users might never need to organize them since the default app does it so well but we’re not all iOS users. We don’t all use phones to take pictures, and not everyone has an app that organizes photos well. EXIF ReName is a Windows application that renames files and that is probably not very impressive since countless applications do that as well. What makes EXIF ReName useful is that it can read the EXIF data on your phone and use it when renaming files. Specifically, this application can read the date and time when the photo was captured and rename files using that information. The photos can be renamed using just the date or you can add text before or after the date to organize them better.

EXIF ReName does not try to install any bloatware so you can breeze through the installation. It’s no Mac app but the design is clean and easy to work with.


The application batch renames photos. Use the Open button to select photos in a folder. You can’t add an entire folder just by selecting it. You will instead have to select all photos in a folder (Ctrl+A works just fine). After adding a folder, select the renaming criteria. You can choose to preserve the original file name or add a new one. The file name  can be added before or after the date and time. Renamed files can overwrite existing ones or you can have the application create copies and save them to a different location using the ‘Copy to’ option.

EXIF ReName date

By default, EXIF ReName uses a dash (-) to separate the name and date when renaming a file. If you prefer it use a space instead of the dash character, open the Tools menu and select the Specify File Name Pattern option. You can have the application use spaces instead of dashes between date and time, and file or folder name and date and time.

EXIF ReName tools

Other options for customizing the file name pattern allow you to rename it in upper or lower case. You can also set it to use the time only and ignore the date when renaming the file. It would have been great if the application also supported an option to ignore the time a photo was taken and use only the date. The application has language support for English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Swedish.

Download EXIF ReName For Windows

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