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Exiland Backup: Schedule Separate Tasks For Creating Encrypted Copies Of Your Files

With the ever increasing evolution in technology, we have almost come to the point where we have completely started relying on our computers to store all our information. However, nothing can be worse than losing this information by accident. It can cause severe adverse effects, leading to the likes of even losing your job. So, to avoid any headaches, its better to backup your files from time to time. Exiland Backup is a free utility that lets you create backup tasks to store your important files to a safe location, such as local storage, network drives, FTP servers or other removable media. You can create as many tasks as you want, and schedule them to run automatically at selected times. You can also password protect your files to keep them safe from others. Read on for more details.

The backup process in this application is quite simple. When you start the app, click Create => New Task to run the backup wizard. The wizard comprises a total of seven steps. In the first step, you will need to enter your task name and an optional description, after which you just have to click Next to continue.

New Task

Now, select your source files/folders that you want to back up. You may configure various parameters for the selected folders, such as any subfolders that you may want to include or exclude. You can also add Masks, which let you specify the types of files that you may want to keep or skip during the backup process. When ready, click Next.

New Task1

Here, the wizard will ask you to select your Backup Type, which can be Full, Incremental, Differential or Synchronization. You may also enable backup Limit of number of copies, etc.

Backup Type

In case you think that your files may take a lot of space, the wizard lets you make ZIP compression that can shrink the required disk space. In this step, you can select which compression method to use, enable/disable password protection and split file archives into multiple parts.


Now, select the destination directory where you want to place your backups. You may choose multiple folders to create more than one backup instance.


Finally, you may set email or mobile notifications regarding your backups. To enable notifications, select Notification condition and then enter Sender and Recipient info, such as Email, Login, SMTP, Password and Port. When you’re done, click Finish to complete the task creation process.


Your task will appear on Exiland Backup’s database, which contains all information of your tasks, like Name, Backup Type, Where to store backups, Duplication and so forth. To begin the backup process, right click your task and click Run now.

Exiland Backup

A dialogue box will appear near the notification area, showing the current progress. To stop the backup process any time, right click the application’s notification icon and click Cancel.


Exiland Backup has a free as well as paid ($34.50) version with some extra features. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported.

Download Exiland Backup

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