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Extract Images From PDF Document With Fusion PDF Image Extractor

Many PDF readers have the ability to copy text along with images, so the rich text can be pasted into documents. But if you’re dealing with PDF document having hundreds of images, extracting all of them from the PDF file manually becomes not only laborious task but time consuming as well. Fusion PDF Image Extractor was developed to mitigate the effort and importantly the time required to collect images from PDF document at defined local location. It’s a tiny, open source application to extract all the images from given PDF document and then to save them in specified folder. It’s also accompanied by iTextSharp library and GhostScript script to process whole PDF pages to images, allowing user to extract whole pages as images.

By default, it doesn’t use GhostScript script to convert PDF document pages into images, but you can enable Use Ghostscript for PDF whole page conversion option to let it convert pages into images. You just need to specify the PDF file followed by output folder to begin the image extraction process.

extract images

After the process is finished, it will show the number of pages processed during the image extraction operation.

extracted images

Verify the images extracted from selected PDF file at output location. If you’ve enabled GhostScript option, it would extract all the pages as images.

images extracted

Fusion PDF Image Extractor saves you a lot of time that you’d have spent on extracting images manually from PDF file. Nevertheless, it would’ve been better, if I had the option to select pages to extract images from.

Download Fusion PDF Image Extractor

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