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Extract, Merge And Convert PDF Files With pdfMechanic

PDF documents obtained from multiple sources sometimes require being compiled and extracted for further use. pdfMechanic is a comprehensive cross platform tool which can merge, extract and convert PDF documents. pdfMechanic provides the choice to add multiple PDF files to create a PDF compilation. You can also extract a specified page(s) and convert PDF files into TXT and HTML format. This portable application is quite lightweight and performs the specified tasks within a matter of seconds. pdfMechanic is open source and available for Windows and Linux based operating systems.

If you require merging two or more PDF files, head over to the Merge tab, click Add and select the desired files, choose an output folder from the Save as button and click Merge. The merged documents will be compiled in the specified sequence. If you would like to change the sequence of the documents, use the UP and Down buttons.


The Extract tab can be used to obtain separate copies of specified page(s) from within a PDF file. Select an input file, followed by an output path, specify a single page or page range and click Extract. You can also randomize page extraction by selecting the Random Pages option.


For HTML and text file conversion of PDF documents, use the Convert tab. Select an input file, output path, followed by a conversion format (e.g. HTML or Text) and click Convert. The converted file will be added to the output folder.


A good thing about pdfMechanic is that it does not damage or change the existing input files and provides an output according to the selected options within the defined output folder. this makes it a handy resource for easy extraction, conversion and merging of PDF documents.


pdfMechanic works on Windows Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux based operating systems.

Download pdfMechanic

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