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Extract PDF Images While Applying Watermark & Other Batch-Editing Actions

PDF is one of the most popular file format used for a wide variety of documents such as books, brochures, forms and even picture-laden presentations. Speaking of pictures, sometimes you need to extract images from a PDF file for, let’s say, storing them as separate items or reusing them in another project. Unfortunately, image extraction from a PDF can’t be done directly from a PDF reader, and requires using a third-party app. We’ve covered many such tools for our readers, among which Fusion Image PDF Extractor for Windows and PDF Toolkit for OS X are pretty awesome. Free PDF Image Extractor 4dots is another great Windows program that you can use for said purpose. The tool is fairly feature-rich and user-friendly, and is designed to extract images from multiple PDF files in batch. Details just past the jump.

Note: There’s good reason why many applications are free these days, and that’s because of the tools that come bundled with the main app. This app also comes with unwanted software and asks you to install it during the setup. You can, however, easily avoid installation of any additional programs by unmarking them during setup wizard. To do that, simply select ‘Custom Setup (advanced)’ and disable the additional checkmarks under it.

Free PDF Image Extractor 4dots Setup

The main interface of the application looks clean and simple. To begin image extraction, you need to select the input files first. You can add PDFs to the app either via drag and drop or by using the ‘Add File’ or ‘Add Folder’ buttons. The tool also displays some information about the added files such as their size, name, modified date and full path.

Free PDF Image Extractor 4dots V1.1 - 4dots Software

Now look for the ‘Image Actions’ at the bottom, where you will find many additional settings to fine tune various parameters for the extracted images. The Resize, Change Format, Change Color Depth and Adjustments, Set Resolution, Add Frame, Watermark and Text, Rotate, Crop and Change Canvas options all help you extract the images in the exact size and format that you want. The resize and set resolution options allow you to specify image scaling and DPI respectively. Similarly, color depth lets you control the bitrate, while color adjustment can come handy to set custom brightness and contrast levels. The tool supports adding virtual frame around the images, as well as adding watermark to it.

Image Actions

When it comes to file formats, 4dots can export images to over 18 different types, which include PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, EXR, HDR, BPM, PGM, PPM, TARGA, XPM and more.

Chnage Format

Another useful feature is the ability to specify the output file name format using prefixes including page number, image number, image type and name of the PDF. You can specify prefixes under the Output tab. Once ready, click Extract Images to begin the extraction process.


All in all, it’s a useful application for quickly extracting images from multiple PDF files in bulk. The app works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Free PDF Image Extractor 4dots

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