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DetoClip: Extract Source Code & Plain Text From Web Content In Clipboard

DetoClip is a multi-purpose clipboard manager for Windows that supports a wide range of file types, including TXT, RTF, HTML, BMP etc., allowing you to hold as many clipboard items in its stack as you want. The application is geared towards web developers who deal with dozens of code files, and copy code structures from one file to another. It provides switchable preview between plain text, formatted text and source code for text you copy from web pages, letting you quickly copy the HTML code of selected text to application development IDE. Unlike other clipboard managers, it allows you to edit the clipboard items, making it easy to create customized clipboard items which can then be pasted into required applications.

Moreover, when you copy images from web pages, it automatically extracts the image dimensions, so that you don’t have manually check copied image’s height and width. It sits in system tray after being launched. The main interface shows all the clipboard items with description, size, creation and using date. The Options menu allows you to select the data types you want the application to capture. For example, you can disable rtf option to stop capturing rich text format content.

detoclip 2

When you select copied web content from the list, it shows Html, Source and Text tabs at the bottom of the window, enabling you to copy the source, HTML formatted text or plain text from copied web content to required application. Using the Ctrl+Alt+V hotkey combination, you can bring up the main interface to select the clipboard items you want to copy. Since it allows editing the clipboard items, you can create custom text and code snippets and use them anywhere you want.

The Options dialog is accessible from system tray menu. It lets you enable/disable default Hook types, specify characters replacement including new line and Tab replacement, change text alignment in Preview, and associate custom hotkey to open main interface.


What makes DetoClip different from other clipboard managers is that you can edit clipboard items and copy HTML source code and plain text from copied web content. The application works without any issues, whatsoever. However, developer needs to make the main interface that holds clipboard data more responsive by improving navigation between clipboard items. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download DetoClip

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