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EZBackup Is Powerful Backup Tool In Simple Interface

There are plenty of advanced backup tools out there but many of them are cluttered with features that most users do not need. EZBackup is a lightweight portable tool manages to keep a balance between features and usability. The simple user interface allow users to add multiple backup jobs and execute them in one go.

Hit New, give the backup job a name, choose the backup folder, and select all directories and files that you want backed up. You can always edit the backup job later by hitting Edit.


Most users either make full backups or incremental backups, the incremental backups have two types, both of which are given under the Backup Type tab. You can also tweak settings by clicking the buttons given under Backup Options.

Users can set custom filters from Filters tab and tweak some general settings under the Options tab.

backup type

Once the job is added, all you need to do is hit the Start button to execute it. It automatically checks for available disk space before starting the backup. The operation can be paused and stopped anytime while the backup is in progress.

Backup Progress

The application is minimized to the system tray when closed. If you have multiple backup jobs in queue, they will all be executed when you hit Start.

EZBackup is a portable tool that works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

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  • Sure, this software is build on “KISS” principle. But, I think, some common features like “service mode” and “scheduled backup” are necessary for backup software, even if you are going to backup files and no more.
    Yes, it is simple. But does it keep detailed log of backup job? It is necessary to know whether your backup was successful.
    Nice music was being backed up! Satriani rocks!