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F-Secure KEY Is A Secure Password Manager For Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Password managers provide a secure solution for keeping your user account info accessible to you, yet out of plain sight and safe from unauthorized access by others. There are a ton of such applications out there that are capable of making password management a breeze, with LastPass, Dashlane, KeePass and 1Password being among the popular choices. Antivirus and online security software maker F-Secure has now also launched its own password manager dubbed F-Secure KEY for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Working in a similar fashion as the other aforementioned tools, KEY lets you generate secure passwords and secure your existing user accounts by keying them all to one master password. Passwords can also be synced between devices, and are automatically filled out in login fields to make logging into websites a breeze.

That the information stored using F-Secure KEY such as Wi-Fi passwords, credit card details and user accounts information, is strongly encrypted to keep it safe from prying eyes. The built-in password generator is another plus, especially if you usually face difficulty coming up with secure passwords.

Getting started with Windows version was a very straightforward process. The 10MB installer didn’t take much time to setup and soon, there I was at the welcome screen. After launching the app, the first step is to create a new master password by clicking ‘Create new account’.

F-Secure Key_New

Simply enter your desired master password twice in the pertaining fields, and click OK as demonstrated in the image below.

F-Secure Key_Master Password

You’re then taken to the app’s main screen, which looks plain and simple. You will, of course, see an empty space at first usage of the program, but the home screen will keep updating as you save your new and other confidential info in the app. It also provides a search field to quickly find a specific item from the list. To add a new password, click the Add button at the top-right corner.

F-Secure Key

Next, you simply need to provide the information you want to store. For instance, if it’s your Twitter user account details, simply enter its name or description, URL, username and password (you can instantly generate a new one from scratch via clicking Generate), and any additional note. When done, click Save.

F-Secure Key_New Pas

As mentioned earlier, F-Secure KEY lets you synchronize your password details with your smartphone and tablet. To do that, click Connect device from the home screen sidebar (accessible via a menu icon), and just follow a few simple steps. The program also keeps you updated with major hacking and cracking incidents from around the globe. Lastly, F-Secure KEY lets you export and import login details to and from an XML file.

F-Secure Key_Sidebar

F-Secure KEY is currently available for free on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and can be grabbed via the following link.

Download F-Secure KEY


  1. I am
    using free app Sticky Password in my smartphone and it is really great. You can
    download it here, take a look Google play

    • Hi Bimborat. Like you I discovered the ability to sync requires a subscription. Why was this not mentioned in the article? Perhaps addictivetips were paid to write this article?

  2. Seems like a nice app. I use Sticky Password for managing my passwords now, but will have a look at this one as well.

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