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Full-Featured Desktop Facebook Messenger

Users have been griping about the Facebook build-in chat service which lacks a ton of features when compared to traditional desktop IM clients such as; saving conversations, chat logging, clearing history, etc. Even though we have covered desktop clients supporting Facebook chat service along with simple IM desktop client featuring Facebook chat.

Now there is a full-featured Facebook IM desktop client,called, Chit Chat for Facebook. However not very prominent, it certainly provides multiple features to enrich Facebook chat service right on your desktop. Despite being able to provide only chat feature, it allows user to post on friend’s wall along with sporting sending private messages directly from within the application.

Apparently it emulates Windows Live messenger’s interface and quite same in terms of usage. Once logged in using Facebook account credentials, it will instantly lists down yours all offline & online friends. Importantly, it will automatically notify you on receiving any private message. Tabbed Private chat interface let you do multiple conversations under one hood, it also includes other advanced options such as; text effects, save conversation, clear chat history, and chat logging.


You can also send private message to your friend instantly, click Private Message Friend(s) to start writing the message and click Send. It also let you post on friends wall instantly, click Post on Friends(s) Wall link, it will open a window to let you write down the post.

private message1

friends wall 1

Basic settings can be configured from Tools>>Preferences. It includes options such as; messages retrieval from last session, clearing chat history on exiting, toggle Sign In/Out Status Notifications, and toggle enable/disable chat logging, etc.


In short, it encapsulates almost all features which users have been demanding in Facebook chat service. Sending private messages and direct posting on friend’s wall are also worthwhile features it offers. So if you’ve been on a lookout for convenient way to chat with your Facebook friends, it holds much features & options to make use of.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. We tested it on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Chit Chat for Facebook

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