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Fast And Efficient Downloads With Light Downloader

Download managers are abundant these days, and almost all popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc) offer some basic download management facility natively in their browsers. Then there are powerful third party competitors, but with these you either get a very resource-hungry software chewing up on your RAM, or left wishing for some features. Fortunately enough, Light Downloader is here to save the day.

This free, easy-to-use software takes the prize in resource friendliness without compromising on feature set. Once installed, it adds a tray icon as well as a watermark on your desktop which you can move anywhere, providing drag-and-drop of URLs for easy quick downloading.

Clicking the tray icon or the watermark will bring the main interface window. It is typical for any download manager, and appears quite alike the infamous Internet Download Manager.

Light Downloader

Downloads are categorized as either Music, Other, Software or Video, based on their file extensions. There is also a filter view available which allows a user to see completed downloads, currently active and stopped ones, as well as scheduled. Yes, the software also offers scheduling downloads ahead of time for ease-of-use.

While LDM offers browser integration for Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can also manually add URLs by hitting the plus button. Explore the options to discover the full potential of this software.

In the preferences menu, you get all the regular options, relating to downloads, monitoring, network, proxy servers etc.

Light Downloader Preferences

Some other features of LDM include simultaneous downloads from various mirrors, plitting downloads for speed improvement, proxy server handling, capability to manage HTTPS protocols are more. As you would expect, nothing new here; all the typical download manager features.

We tested LDM to work fine with Windows 7 and integrate flawlessly with Firefox 3.6.3.

Download Light Downloader


  1. I've been using Flashget since the beginning of times and so used to it to switch to anything else. Thanks for the recommendation though.

  2. even the same icons and window look of FreeDownloadManager !!!!

    i've been using FDM since like ever and have no complains at all.

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