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Fast Hard Drive Defragmentation With Smart Defrag

Even though Windows build-in defragmentation tool is easy to use and can be scheduled to automatically defrag selected drive(s). You might be thinking as to why go for a dedicated defrag tool? The reason being, Windows intrinsic defragmentation tool is not that efficient in  terms of defragmenting data and especially in speed. Smart Defrag is a free and powerful defrag tool, which promises you to instantly defrag your data. It is both efficient and optimized fragmentation analysis algorithm proven to be one of the best when it comes to other defrag tools available.

Defragmenting the data is something that repels novices to get their hand-on to it. With it’s interactive interface & simple usage, you won’t need any special guidance, as usage is quite simple. Just select the drives that you want to defrag and an option from the given list which includes; Defrag Only, Fast Optimize, and Deep Optimize. Once all settings are in place, click Start to begin the defrag task.


If you’re defragmenting your drives for the very first time, click Analyze to let it generate a complete report and let it reckon you for the best defrag option to go for. Analyzing takes less than a minute and helps a lot in knowing the defrag ratio, files to be defragmented, and other system details.


The best amongst other options is that it lets you choose the auto-pause resources usage amount, whenever the resource usage exceeds the specified amount, it will automatically pause the defrag process. So, you can carry on to your work along with defrag process anytime without conceiving any trouble in system performance. You can also let is start automatically when your system is in idle state. Under Auto Defrag window, you can easily configure these options.

Auto Defrag

Under Schedule & Options window, you can schedule a weekly/daily defragmentation of drives and configure other settings respectively. Under Options, you can enable/disable: SmartSilent technology while defragmenting and stop defrag process on batteries.


We were wholly satisfied with an instant defragmentation process. It is especially built keeping large disk volume in mind. So, if you’ve been dealing with enormous data and haven’t defrag your drive lately, try giving this tool a shot to defrag your data without much hassle involved.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 32-bit.

Download Smart Defrag

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