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Fast User Switch: Jump To Windows User Selection Logon Screen From Taskbar

Do you share your PC with someone in the family or do you have different user accounts set up for work or personal use? Whatever the case, think of a scenario when you want to quickly switch accounts and using the start menu to switch seems inconvenient. Fast User Switch is a Windows utility that acts as a one button link to the Windows user selection section. The utility can be pinned to the taskbar and clicked to go directly to the user selection screen.

Fast User SwitchDownload and extract the file. The utility requires no installation, simply drag & drop the EXE file on to the taskbar. Whenever you want to switch users, click the utility and it will take you to the user selection screen. You will automatically be logged out of which ever account you were using. Don’t be alarmed by the screen going black for a vey brief interval as it switches to the user selection screen, this is perfectly normal and you will see the selection screen in a matter of seconds.

Download Fast User Switch

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