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File Governor: Unload DLL Files & Quit Process To Resolve File Lock

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Sometimes, it happens that when we attempt to rename, delete, or modify a file/folder, Windows shows an error message saying “access denied” or “file you’re trying to modify is being used by Windows or other application”. Such files, which are being used by Windows-initiated processes and services, are called locked files, and they can’t be renamed, moved or modified until Windows finishes performing locked file-related task(s). However, sometimes locked files get stuck in resource deadlocks and livelocks, leaving user with no other option than to reboot the system to perform the operation over the file. File Governor is a portable application to unlock locked files and folders, enabling users to carry out the required operations over them without having to reboot the system.

The application has the ability to find the DLL files which prevent users from taking the required action on locked files. Since it’s not recommended to manually modify that DLL file, it allows you to Unload the DLL from services list, so that you can use the locked file. Furthermore, it allows you to detect all locked files and folders from a specified directory. You can also choose to integrate Windows Explorer right-click context menu option to quickly find all locked files and folders within the selected directory.

The main interface shows the Process ID, Process name, Locked Object, Type (file/folder), Memory Handle, and Process Path. To unlock the required file or folder, just select the item from the list, and right-click it to unload DLL or simply unlock the file. You can also choose to terminate the the process for resolving deadlocks.


Using the Windows Explorer right-click context menu, you can easily list down all locked files and sub-directories of a folder, and unlock them with a click. The application recursively searches the folders, and shows the aforementioned information on the locked files. You can enable/disable right-click context menu integration from Settings –> Configure dialog.

ubnlock governor

File Governor offers an easy solution for resolving file access deadlocks and unloading locked file-related DLL files from services. It is worth mentioning here that it may take a while to find all locked files from system-wide locations, including Program Files, System 32, Windows etc. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download File Governor

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