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File Secure Free: Lock External Drives, Backup, Encrypt & Shred Files

In the past, we have covered an umpteen number of applications to encrypt confidential data, shred files, and backup & sync files, but most file security applications are designed to perform a single function. Interestingly enough, we have discovered a new data protection and privacy software that lets you perform all data security operations over a set of files, under one hood. File Secure Free is a one-stop-shop for all your data security needs and comes packed with four major tools i.e. File Backup, File Encryptor, File Shredder and Lockup, the latter of which easily lets you protect your thumb drives and external hard drives with a password. More details after the jump.

The application offers a straightforward usage. Just launch the application and you will see its black-themed interface design. The navigation bar to the left allows you to easily navigate between aforementioned file security tools. The File Backup aims to backup your personal data in a safe location, by creating a backup image file (comprises of DFI file extension). It’s worth mentioning here that you will need this tool for both creating the backup image and recovering your data from the image file. You can click Add Files and Add Folder buttons to the right to add your files and folders, respectively. Once added to the list, click Backup.

File Backup

Next up, enter your password in Password and Confirm fields, and then click OK to create the image. Likewise, you can recover or extract data from the image by defining Image Path and Destination Path under Recovery section of File Backup. Click Recover, followed by entering the password of your recovered image and click OK to recover the files.


The next major feature is its file encryption, which can be accessed through File Encryptor button. The tool can encrypt and decrypt almost any kind of file format. To encrypt a file, click Add File to select your file. Now, click Encrypt and input the password to encrypt the file. You can decrypt the file the same way by entering the password.


Another mainstay feature is the File Shredder. The application can shred (i.e. Permanently delete files from the HDD) files using five different techniques, that is, Gutmann algorithm, Erase and write random data, National Safety Association Standard, United States Military Standard and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Standard, all of which can be selected from the drop down menu at the bottom.

Shred File

Lastly, as stated earlier, the application can easily lock your flash and external drives with a password. Go to Lockup and plug-in your drive. Select your drive under Please select a volume section and click Lock to enter the password to lock the drive.

Lock USB

Overall, File Secure Free is an awesome freemium solution that employs four much needed features, which you may require to protect the important data. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit OS.

Download File Secure Free


  1. I wanted an alternative to Truecrypt that takes hours to create a container (the last one I did was 300Gb and took nearly 1 day). This program though instantly encrypts my 600Gb USB hard disk (a quick investigation through Diskpart shows the drive’s file system changed from NTFS to RAW format – that’s why Windows nags you to format it before you can use it). Also it can decrypt instantly and it doesn’t destroy any data on the disk. I tested the other functions of the program which all seem Ok. Though it does prompt you for passwords at every moment (even deleted selected files from a list). Works fine on my Win8.1 box. An excellent find.

  2. Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption can lock entire drive with password, encryption folders and shred files.

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