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FileInfo: Comprehensive Search Engine For Info On File Extensions [Web]

There are thousands of file extensions related to different applications that perform a variety of functions. A lot of the file extension are native to Windows, while quite a lot of applications have their own extension sets as well that are added to the list when you install new programs to your computer. For instance, if you install Adobe Photoshop, its native extension for saving edited images is PSD. Due to the massive number of these extensions out there, it is impossible for anyone to know the details of all the file extensions that one might encounter while using the computer or browsing through the web. How that affects an average user, is when you come across an unknown file type and are clueless as to which software can be used to open/view it. Today, we have a web service for you called FileInfo that allows you to search for details pertaining to a file extension. It contains a database of thousands of file types and detailed information about each extension is displayed upon search. Along with the description about the file type, the web service also lists down all the programs that are capable of opening the file in Windows, Mac OS X, as well as Linux operating systems.

The web service has a very simplified interface and allows users to easily search for information regarding extensions. The left side contains a list of common file types, such as Text Files, Audio files, Data Files, Video Files, Web Files, System Files etc, to search for an extension based on its category. FileInfo also features a File Extension of the Day and Weekly Top Extensions section. Search for any extension type can be initiated using the Search Box available in the top left corner.

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When you search for a file type, information about the File Type, Developer, Popularity and Category is displayed, along with a brief File Description. A list of programs that can be used to open the file are also displayed. The list is grouped according to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

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Information about new file extensions is constantly updated in the database of FileInfo. If you often find yourself needing to look up such material, bookmark this site.

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