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FilePro: Graphically Analyze Disk Space From Multiple Perspectives & Criteria

If we keep installing large applications in our system, the hard disk can run out of space pretty quickly. Games and application such as Adobe Photoshop take up a lot of space on the hard disk during installation. More space is consumed by them when saving a game or an edited picture or video. So, when your hard drive runs out of disk space, you have to manually check what is taking up the disk space in order to decide what can be deleted to free up the memory. Applications to analyze disk space come in very handy at this time, which allow you to view which file is taking up how much memory and where the files that are consuming the largest portion of memory, are located. Previously, we have reviewed some very good disk space analyzers, including WinDirStat, Folder Size, Over Disk and TDP x-Ray Lite. Today, we have another disk analyzer for you named FilePro, which allows you to graphically view the distribution of hard disk space among files. The space can be analyzed from multiple perspectives, such as Tree Map, Tree Size, Folder Statistics and File Statistics.

After installing the application, you will be asked to select the License Type. Choose Home Edition to use the free version of the application.

Select License

The first start of the application will be a little slow because of your C: drive getting scanned for generating the graph. When the scan is complete, each file and folder will be displayed in its corresponding location within the structure. Along with the file name, the size and date created will also be shown.


The application allows you to view the disk space distribution in four different views: Tree maps (selected by default), Tree size, Folder Statistics and File Statistics. For instance, in Tree Size pane (available at the top), you can view the contents of each folder on your hard drive listed according to size.

FilePro TreeSize

FilePro also has some other tools for analyzing disk space, such as Compare Snapshots, Compare Directories and Locate Duplicate Files.

FilePro Compare Directories

The Options menu allows you to configure Treemap, Shell, Duplicate Files and External apps settings, such as whether to include free space, folder colors, file comparison method etc.

FilePro Settings

The features of FilePro listed by the developer are as follows:

  • Generate disk treemaps for local or network volumes
  • Search and locate files in treemaps by automatic zoom-in and positioning.
  • Save entire or partial volume snapshots
  • Compare snapshot against current disk state or past snapshots
  • Examine changes by difference in size or percentage difference
  • Copy/Move/Rename/Delete files or directories
  • Directory analysis
  • Tool: Compare files and/or directories
  • Tool: Find duplicate files

FilePro works on both 32-bi and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download FilePro

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