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Files Classification Utility DiskSorter

Checking out the files and folders that are taking the most space is another story, Disk Sorter does something different. It classifies the files and folders into different categories, making it easier for user to check out the type of files that are taking the most space and the number of total files inside each category.

Hit Classify and select the directory, once classification is complete you will be able to see both the categories and the basic details of file size categorization.

Disk Sorter

Select a category and hit Analyze button or you can do the same by right-clicking the category. This will analyze the category and display the folders, files inside each folder, total size of each folder, and the total percentage of space taken by each of them.

Analyze Disk Space

You can generate a report, copy, move, delete, and perform many other operations. The app comes with both free and pro versions, most advanced features of the app requires users to purchase the pro version which cost 10 bucks but the free version is enough for most users.

If you are looking for an application to classify and analyze the contents inside any directory, DiskSorter will come useful. You can also try out previously reviewed Disk Space Fan. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download DiskSorter

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