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FileThin NTFS Saves Disk Space On NTFS File System

If you’re running an operating system supporting NTFS, disk space shouldn’t be a problem for you thanks to NTFS file system’s built-in transparent compression functionality. FileThin NTFS is a free tool that utilizes the same function of the native file-system, but also enhances it with additional support and extra features.

The application can be set to operate manually, upon the user’s discretion, or can compress files automatically in real-time upon creation, copying or modification. It also supports multiple compression attempts, should earlier ones fail.


The additional features offered by FileThin includes:

  • Advanced filtering conditions (type-based file lists for compression/exclusion, excluded folders);
  • Automatic detection of minimum file size and user-defined maximum file size for compression;
  • Customizable handling of encrypted files, etc.

FileThin NTFS can be a helpful replacement for Windows’ native file compression utility. It can recognize already packed data files, such as music, videos, archives etc, and hence saves CPU time by not attempting to redo such data clusters. It was tested on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download FileThin NTFS

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