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Find And Delete Duplicate And Similar Images

Every user who stores digital images on their hard-drive must have faced the issue of duplicate images. They can grow to enormous volumes, and the users would be hesitant to delete them in fear of losing some original, or if it’s someone like me, then they won’t be able to decide which one looks better. Furthermore, professional photographers who take multiple shots and later pick the best one, would be stymied by what to do with the rest.

VisiPics is one answer to this concern. It is primarily a duplicate image locator, but it can perform with similar images (with approximately 90% matching) as well, thanks to its image comparison algorithm.

The program is rather complex to use, and would take a lot of experimenting. The top bar contains drop-down menus for files, folders, actions, tools etc, while the lower part contains a file-tree structure of your machine as well as the actual function part of the program. It is here that images are loaded, analyzed and worked on.


You can load as many folders as you like, and include sub-folders as well. A slider beneath the folder list lets you control how strict the duplication filters would operate. The arrows on the right side of folder list box let a user apply the filters that he desires. Duplicates can also be searched by size and file type.

When all settings are done, hitting the play button will initiate the detection process.

The program can work with different screen resolutions of the same image, different file types, etc, and still detect them as duplicates, ensuring that you don’t miss any dupes from your hard drive while doing a snoop. VisiPics works great on Windows 7 32-bit, although official support is for Windows XP and Vista only.

Download VisiPics

[via Caschy]

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