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Find And Disable The Programs Slowing System Startup In Windows 10

Some programs are so vital to our everyday tasks that we allow them to be run of their own accord when we Windows starts up. Unfortunately, the more programs you have lined up to run at startup, the longer it will take for your system to fully startup. So, like with all things, you have to choose which programs are better left starting up on their own and which you want to start manually later. Two things will impact this decision; how important the app is to you and how great an impact it has at startup. Regarding the app’s importance, it’s up to a user to decide but as far as the startup impact is concerned, you can use the Task Manager in Windows 10 to help determine it. Here’s how.

First, make sure you have closed all apps that you might be working on. Make sure you save everything and then proceed to allow all your important programs to run at startup, and then restart your system. Wait until it has finished and then open the Task Manager.

Go to the Startup tab and in the Startup impact column, look for which programs have a high impact.


And it’s decision time; pick which programs are the most important and based on their startup impact, decide which ones you want to keep in this list. Removing a program from startup is easy, right-click it in the Startup tab and disable it. The downside, any programs that Windows has set to run on startup cannot be removed from this list so regardless of their impact, they will have to stay.


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