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Find And Remove Duplicate Videos, Songs, Pictures, And Documents Instantly

There comes a time when our hard disk becomes cluttered. There are multiple files lying around and we don’t know about it. Sometimes we download a software and few months later a new version is launched and we forget to delete the old setup file. Sometimes we have a same song, picture, or document in multiple directories. Having duplicate files can consume a good amount of hard disk space.

DoubleKiller is a free utility that lets you find and remove all types of duplicate files from your computer, thus saving a little hard disk space for you. When you find duplicate files, it displays a little info which can help you in determining which version is newer. In this way you can keep the newer versions and delete all old ones instantly.

It is a standalone tool(no installation required), simply open the program and click Options tab to add new folders where you would like to search for duplicate files. There is also an option where you can assume files to be the same if: names are identical, sizes are identical, or dates are identical. You also leave out a few file types, such as read only, hidden, system files, etc.

doublekiller options You will find various other options listed. Now go back to DoubleKiller tab and click Run, it will find and display all duplicate files here.

duplicate files It displays both original and duplicate files, so make sure you don’t delete all your files. Only compare and delete the duplicate file. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! Duplicate Filter is a wonderful duplicate file finder which is worth mentioning. It can instantly find and remove duplicate videos, songs, pictures and documents Instantly. It is definitely worth a try and it doesnt hurt when you can try their free version too. They provide outstanding support!!

  2. Another alternative tool that I wanna share is “DuplicateFilesDeleter” I’ve been using it for over a year now and it never fails me.

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