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Find And Replace Text In Txt, Htm, & HTML File

Most applications work by asking users to select a text file where they want to replace a text, this can be particularly annoying. We reviewed a powerful utility TexFinder X which could easily find and replace text inside multiple files (provided you have selected a directory where the they are residing) of different formats, but if you are looking for an opensource alternative, check out Magic Search & Replace.

To begin, select the path where the text files are residing and then select the type of file in which to look, there are three type of files where you can search and replace the text; txt, htm, and html. Type the Query and hit Enter, it will detect the files where the matching query is detected, selecting the file will show the text content with the highlighted matching query.

Search in Text

Navigate to Replace tab and select Replace from under Modify Options. Type the text that you are looking for and the text you want to replace it with, hit Replace and you are done.

Replace Text

When selecting a directory, the app will search inside the SubFolders as well, you can change this setting from the Option tab. Another important option is to create backup of the original file before replacing the text inside it.

Search and Replcace Text Options

The application is in the initial stage of development so you might face some bugs. It is a portable tool that works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

Download Magic Search & Replace

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