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Find Changes In Files/Folders And Merge Them To Remove Duplicates

It is irksome to find out differences on the basis of file attributes when both folders come with same file names, as determining changes manually in file attributes and binaries is mind-numbing. In such situations, you have no other option than to use an efficient file comparison tool such as, WinMerge that hosts a great deal of features to make comparison between folders or files a lot easier. The best part is that all the changes can be merged in any file or folder without any hassle involved.

It comes with filters to let user include only required file types. Unlike previously reviewed file comparison tool – TreeCompare, you can also effectively manipulate files and folders changes according to your requirements. It provides simple file management options to copy, move, or delete files from any folder which is being compared.

Additionally, file comparison (especially text/html/xml or code files) is handled in more depth, it focuses on showing all the changes in terms of number of lines used in a file, text differences. You can also edit both files without having to open any Development Environment or text editor separately. To begin, specify source of both files or folders which you wish to compare along with filters to compare only required types of files.

win merge

The comparison is shown in left and right equal-sized panes. The informatory columns show information regarding comparison results, date from each pane (left & right), and file extension.

excel compare 2

From the right click menu, you can merge changes in many useful ways, it lets you delete the files on the fly and copy/move the files to other folder (in left/right pane). Furthermore, you can zip the files, copy pathnames and open left/right folders. If there are many difference in the files/folders being compared, you can quickly navigate through all the differences by clicking respective (next/previous) buttons in the toolbar.

win merge 2

Under Tools menu, you will find advance both file and line-specific filters for folder and files respectively, columns customization along with report generation options can also be accessed from here.


All the statistics regarding comparison can be brought up from View menu, it shows all the file/folder differences, uniqueness, and identical stats from the specified folders/files.


Overall, the application has proved to be an efficient file/folder comparison tool featuring all the essentials to compare and merge changes. It supports Windows XP/Vista/7, while testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download WinMerge

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