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WinUtilities Process Security – Find Endangering Process And Put It On Quarantine

Windows 7, unlike its predecessors, provides a great deal of information regarding currently active services and processes in Task Manager, but still devoid of many user and system processes related elements which would’ve helped users in troubleshooting program freezes and other generic exceptions. Using an advanced task manager becomes inevitable when your system starts responding in a weird way; locking down certain system services, unsharing those processes which are to be used by user apps, etc. WinUtilities Process Security is developed to give users more control over running system instances whilst a detailed info regarding memory and CPU is also provided along. Apart from CPU and Memory usage, you can keep tab on Virtual Memory Space Addressing table storage where address pointers are mapped with virtual memory addresses, and total and available Page File Usage.

What makes WinUtilities Process Security different is that it comes with Security Risk Rating which helps you easily recognize those processes which are endangering.

Out of long list of running processes, you can quickly find out the required one by using module search. The module search supports wildcard entries, allowing user to specifically define the process / module or to list down all the like modules in search results. You can for instance search for all running EXEs by using prefix *. followed by EXE. Similarly, currently active Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) can be found out in similar fashion.

After installation, launch it with administrative privileges. It will start calculating all the running process and services and show them in main window. The left side is a system usage panel, showing CPU, memory, page file and VAS (Virtual Address Space) usage.

winutilities process security

It allows you to replace itself with Windows Task Manager. Just click File menu and select Replace Task Manager. For each user generated process, it shows detailed information regarding the source application / threads . The right-click menu carries options to show extra details, show modules, end process, initiate a new task, etc. The report is generated in HTML format, however to quickly view information of selected process / application, select Show Details.

The Details window shows different attributes of the application in question. The Browse and Properties options let you open process in Windows Explorer and view file properties, respectively. If you want to know more about the process, click Google it to view Google search results in your default browser.


Click small search-imaged button present in bottom right corner of main window to launch module search. Just enter the file name, processes, service or specify wildcard entries with process / service name to narrow down the search results according to requirements.

module search

You will also find a professional version of WinUtilities Process Security which costs $29.99 and features a host of options for advance Windows task management. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download WinUtilities Process Security


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