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Find Images With Creative Commons License Using CCFinder

Being a marketeer, you must have an idea how important a role images play for effective advertisement. A proper and fascinating image makes your actual message more vivid and clear, and can provide groundbreaking results of your effort. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to manually work on images so internet is an easier solution to grab relevant images uploaded by millions of people. Even though Google allows you to search for images and provides you with a massive number of results for your queries, you cannot search specifically for images that you may want to reuse without committing any copyright infringements. For instance, if you want to use some images commercially, for let’s say, on your website, you need to download the ones which are not copyrighted by someone else or end up facing hefty lawsuits. That is where CCFinder comes in. It is an application for Windows that allows you to search for pictures published under the Create Commons License, which are royalty free. This lets you easily search for pictures that you can re-publish or share without worrying about breaking any law or paying any royalties to the original owner. Keep reading to find out more about CCFinder.

The main interface of the application looks fabulous, and provides you with a text field and some simple options to search for the required type of images. The options include freely usable images, images that requires reference, images that may not be used without permission etc. Just select the required options, enter your query and press Enter to start the search process. The searched images are list down containing thumbnails, making it easier to choose the ones you want.

Creative Commons Finder Main

Once the results are returned, click the Enlarge button to access image-specific options. You can save the image, open the website it’s hosted on, and set it as desktop wallpaper directly from the application. The right side allows you to apply different effects on the image, for instance, sepia and black & white. The images are downloaded without loosing their original quality, whatsoever.

Creative Commons Finder

It also contains a few configuration options. The Settings menu accessible from the top right corner allows you to configure application behavior, the download path and application language.


CCFinder is an awesome utility that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP. Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download CCFinder

Update: As pointed out in comments, CCFinder requires .NET Framework 4.0 to work.


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