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Find More Information On Background Processes In Windows With ProcessScanner

Do you want to know how many processes are running in the background of your system and how many of them are harmful? Or you think one of the processes is a virus but not sure about it? You can view the list of process by going to Task Manager, on the process tab you’ll see how many processes are running simultaneously on your system. The number of processes are shown at the bottom of the task manager, but how can you separate legitimate processes with illegitimate ones is a question.

In the Process tab you can also click on the column headers to sort by CPU and Memory Usage. Generally CPU UsageĀ  should never really be higher than 5% to 10% while the computer is just running normally. But only if you are running a applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, it can be higher.

mem usage

There is a useful piece of software called ProcessScanner. It offers a result page with process enlisted found on your system which gives clear and at-a-glace categorized information of the function of each process, it also advice you what action should be taken to enlisted processes. Once installed, run the program and click on Start Process Scan.


It will take a little while to gather all the information about running processes, once the search is completed, it will open up your web browser automatically and display the report for you. It will include a detailed overview of all the processes and detailed information on each and every process, it will tell whether the process is a legitimate system process or some other application or a harmful process. It flags all the processes that are harmful, so that so you can take appropriate action against it.


The other useful feature of this program is that it points out the applications that are memory hogs, if you find out a program that has a high memory usage, you might want to uninstall it.

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