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ALLSubtitleSearcher Is Better Tool For Searching Subtitles From Context Menu

The developers behind ALLPlayer have come up with a new tool, one that brings convenience to subtitle search process. Yesterday we brought you Subtitles 1.0, a nice little utility that allows searching for any movie subtitles from Windows Exoplorer right-click context menu. ALLSubtitleSearcher, too, does the same, but with a more attractive interface and with more automation, automatically downloading the subtitle file into the same folder as that of the movie.


All movie titles that are being monitored are listed in this window. When you click Add title, you can browse to the movie file of your choice, and the software will add it to its watch list. It matches the file name against its database, and if subtitles are available, it will notify and download. Otherwise, ALLSubtitleSearcher continues to check for subtitles after a pre-defined interval, and grabs them as soon as they’re available.

You may also add files to the search box by right-clicking the file and selecting ALLSubtitleSearcher. The advantage of this app is that it makes it particularly easy to change subtitle language by right-clicking the search result, instead of changing the default language in settings.


The program allows you to specify the check interval, language in which subtitles should be, and to start with windows, just to name a few. It’s light and works well on Windows 7 32-bit edition.

Download ALLSubtitleSearcher

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