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Find Out The Cause For Hanged Applications With WhatIsHang

WhatIsHang is a portable application from Nirsoft, which detects the reason for the currently hanged software. The main information which it provides is regarding stack data, processor, registers, and memory issues. It has been designed for programmers to determine the causes which may hang a software. A list of dll files and strings related to the hang problem are also displayed, which can be useful for lay users to determine the reasons for the hanging of an application.

For getting a report regarding the hanged app, you will require keeping WhatIsHang open. Once an app is hanged, select it’s name from the list and hit F9. This will display a report explaining the reason for the hanging of the application. This information can be quite useful for programmers who may be testing a software, which keeps getting hanged.


Unfortunately, WhatIsHang has little utility for common users and is not very user friendly. If one misses pressing the F9 key when the app displays in the list of hanged apps, then the report is not generated. It can be a bit difficult to select a name from the list and hit F9, when applications are hanging left, right and center. Moreover, WhatIsHang, does not work if the entire system is hanged. I hope the developer makes it more user friendly and allows generating and retaining the report for hanged software, after the system or application returns to normal state. For people with little or no knowledge of programming, I would recommend them to use MyEventViewer instead.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download WhatIsHang

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