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Find Out Which USB Device Was Connected To Your Computer And Prevent Data Theft

USBDeview is a free utility that lets you check which USB devices are currently connected to your computer and also you can see which devices were connected before. This is the first thing to do when you feel that your data or information has been breached. It can be helpful in many ways, if you have an office computer and feel that someone might have accessed and copied some data from your computer, you should install this tool and find out the complete details.

Just run the executable file(no installation required), and you will be shown all information in a simple-to-understand window.


You can view at what time the device was plugged in and plugged out, description of that device, the type of device, serial number, product ID, vendor ID, in which post it was connected, and more complete details. You can also run this tool on a remote computer if you have complete access over it.

The only drawback is that it does not display which files were copied by the USB device, if the developer includes this feature, it would turn out to become a killer utility. But it’s not a big problem through, suppose you doubt that your friend might have connected his USB to your computer, you can borrow his USB, connect it to your system, and run this tool, if the serial number matches with the one that was connected before it means that your friend connected his USB without your permission. You can catch him red handed very easily. Enjoy!

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