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Find Out Your True Network Speed With Raccoonworks Speed Test

Measuring network transfer speed accurately can be quite difficult in the wake of uncertain data collected by different command lines and GUI based networking tools. It is common knowledge that pinging a website from the command prompt  shows variable latency rates as the accessibility to each website may rely on variable factors including the quality of your network connection and available bandwidth. Raccoonworks Speed Test is a network testing utility that allows users to check the speed of their connection over a LAN (Local Area Network) and the Internet.

While installing this application, you can choose to install a client, server or general version of the software to test your network and internet speed.If you install a server version, you can connect to it via a client in order to test network speed.

Speed Test options

To test your network or internet speed simply type the appropriate host name and click on connect after selecting the relevant test criteria (Speeds Test Server or Web Page). After the speed test is complete, you can check the results in a grid or a chart format. The test result will show you the average transfer rate across the network. This will allow you to determine if your network is experiencing high latency levels.

Speed Chart

This tool might not seem like much but the benefits one can have from diagnosing a problem in time with the help of such networking tools is extremely important. Personally, I still remember when as a system administrator I was having problem along with my team to diagnose a network latency problem. It turned out that one of the Cisco Routers had malfunctioned. Had we not noticed the latency problem and checked the server room in time, I’m sure things could have turned out to be very disastrous for the network.

Download Raccoonworks Speed Test

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