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BatteryInfoView – Find Status, Information And Keep Log Of Laptop Battery

It can be often be hard to get detailed information about laptop battery to determine it’s true potential and to diagnose battery issues. BatteryInfoView is a portable tool developed by Nirsoft for laptops, which provides in-depth information about your system’s battery. The displayed battery information includes the battery manufacturer’s name, serial number, manufacture date, current capacity, power state (charging/discharging), full charged capacity, voltage and critical bias. You can also select a timeframe for periodically monitoring your system battery using BatteryInfoView.

To get detailed battery information, just launch BatteryInfoView and the respective details will be displayed within an easy to understand interface with numerical indicators displaying battery performance stats.

Batter View

You can select a time frame for periodically refreshing battery information from Options –> Advanced Options. The information which will be updated, includes, the battery details displayed on the main interface and battery log events. This can be quite useful for keeping an eye on battery performance to determine it’s optimum capacity (e.g. for gamers) and to identify battery issues (e.g. frequent battery drainage).

Advanced Options

BatteryInfoView works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download BatteryInfoView

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