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Find The Number of Emails Arriving Per Hour, Week, Or Day

You wake up every day and find your inbox cluttered, how would you know at which time most emails are arriving? Ofcourse, a time is written next to each email. But wouldn’t it be great if we could generate a report that can give us a more clear picture, telling us at which exact time most emails arrive?

If you use Outlook, then there is an add-in for it called Outlook Performance Reports Generator. It does exactly what the name says, you can generate a report by Message amount, Message bandwidth, Sender, and Recipient. To create a new report, first select a folder(you can select multiple folders), choose a report type, select the time(hour, day, or week), and finally click Generate Report.

outlook performance report

You can also apply the date range, but it is not necessary to generate a report. Below is an example of how a simple report looks like.

outlook performance report result

You can also use this tool to measure the total bandwidth every hour, day, or week. Apart from it, you can also generate a report on the numbers of emails that you have send. This can be useful to keep track of your email habits. It works on all versions of Outlook. Now we can only wait for someone to come up with such feature in Gmail Labs.

While the report is being generated, you have have a look at Extracting Attachments from Outlook, Verifying Outlook Attachment, and Recovering Deleted Emails. Enjoy!

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