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Finestra Virtual Desktops – Manage Tasks Across Multiple Screens

Everyone longs for having multi-monitor setup on their desktop, as those fancy LCD panels add aesthetics and ease of use. However, with virtual desktops, you can manage multiple tasks within numerous workspaces on a single screen, which can be customized to suit your needs. For example, you can use one workspace to perform office related tasks and open Facebook on another virtual desktop so that you can separately manage your work and personal tasks. Finestra Virtual Desktops is an open source application which can add multiple virtual desktops for better organizing your work. Using the default Win+Z hotkey combination, you can get an instant thumbnail preview of virtual desktops on current screen. Some of the main features of Finestra include, full-screen switcher view with full drag and drop functionality, desktop switcher indicator which shows the current desktop number, the option to add unlimited number of virtual desktops, multiple monitor support, configurable system tray icons for each desktop and hotkey support to switch between desktops.

Once installed, you can instantly start working on multiple desktops by launching Finestra. By default four virtual desktops are activated, however, you can add additional desktops from options which are accessible from system tray menu. Use the Win+Z hotkey to view the virtual desktop switcher.


Using the system tray menu, you can switch virtual desktops, view desktop switcher, enable hotkey support, and view/hide active windows (Recover Windows option).

Virtual desktops

To configure advanced settings, head over to Finestra Virtual Desktops options via system tray menu. The General tab allows viewing the indicator when switching virtual desktops, enabling or disabling system tray icon, automatically moving new windows to their proper desktop and viewing splash screen. The Desktops tab can be used to add and rename virtual desktops. To add a new desktop just type in a virtual desktop name in the text box and hit Enter. You can also change Windows preview background color and workspace indicator size from the Appearance tab. From the Hotkeys tab, you can set custom hotkeys for performing tasks such as switching and previewing virtual desktops. Likewise, the Monitors and Program Rules tabs provide options to configure multiple monitors and managing application behavior (e.g. hiding specified applications before minimizing them).


Finestra Virtual Desktops is a handy virtual desktop application which can add the convenience of allowing you to streamline your workflow by adequately organizing it across virtual workspaces. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Finestra Virtual Desktops

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