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FireTower Monitors & Validates Auto-Run Entries Against Web Database

With hundreds of new viruses being created each day, it is possible for your PC to get infected even if you have an antivirus installed on your system. The way most viruses work is that they create an auto run entry on your computer to ensure that they are executed whenever your system boots up. So, the virus will keep on doing what it is supposed to do, no matter how many times you restart your PC. Today, we have a tool called FireTower that can be a lot of help to you in tackling this issue. It is an application for Windows that performs an analysis of all existing auto-run settings and automatically validates the legitimacy of the auto-run entries through a web validation check. When the analysis is complete, all entries are displayed in different threat level categories. More on FireTower after the break.

Other than checking the auto-run settings of all existing applications and services, FireTower also works in real time, and alerts the user when any application or service tries to create an auto-run entry on the PC. The application has a very simple interface with tabs for different categories of entries, including General, WinLogon, Explorer, IE, Providers and Monitors, Services, Drivers and Startup Files. For each category, Entry Name, Command Line path, Company, Last Changed and Who Changed fields are available.

FireTower - 2.0.0

Under the Command Line field, click View to to open the Process Information dialog box. It lets you view extended details about the file, such as time stamps for Created, Modified and Accessed date, File Version Description etc. By clicking the Lookup File button located in the middle, you can search the file in the database of FireTower’s web validation tool.

Process Information

Clicking the Lookup button in the Process Information dialog box opens up the File Analysis report of the selected file. It contains information about the file, such as its description, common facts and its variants and usual default locations in the system. Common facts include elements, such as File Description, File Version, Application, App Version, Type, Vendor and Copyright. More details are listed about the selected file when you scroll down the File Analysis Report page.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-02-07_12-57-35

The application keeps working in real time, a notification pops up every time an application is detected attempting to change any settings in your system.


FireTower works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download FireTower

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