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Fix iTunes MP3 Album Art Problem

iTunes is a great music player but one of the main problems associated with it is the inability to read album art embedded in MP3 files. This is because iTunes does not follow the ID3 Tag standards as defined at www.id3.org, and hence could not read the tag information in most MP3 files. To get around this, ID3 Album Art Fixer offers embedding the images right into the file itself.

For any music enthusiast who also happens to be an organization fanatic, this situation is essentially a nightmare. For one, broken ID3 tags, or even those that are there but not displayed, will make it much harder to sort your music out, not to mention the unclean look that it will impart. The situation gets more complicated when it comes to a capable media player like iTunes, because on one hand, you have a software that’s highly capable in functionality, but at the same time, doesn’t obey conventional standards. ID3 Album Art Fixer aims to find a workaround for this situation.

This lightweight portable tool follows a step by step approach. First, you need to specify the folder where your music files are stored. You may also choose to include subfolders as well.

iTunes Album Art

Click Next and you will get to specify the Album Art options. You can define the album art maximum size, as well as instruct the folder on what file to choose. The option of using ‘File named:’ would be more useful as it will match the MP3 file name against the image name and hence create the associations. Click Next to continue.


Here comes a really useful feature of ID3 Album Art Fixer. Windows Media Player has a habit of overwriting user defined album art with the one it downloads from the internet, and it is not always the right choice. You can restrict access permissions as this level to prevent this from happening.


Finally, choose the embedding options and click finish to let the software perform the specified tasks.


That’s about it. ID3 Album Art Fixer will embed the album art images for your whole music library in one go, and the resulting MP3 tracks can be used with most players safely, including iTunes and WMP. While it may not be the best of solutions, and would still require manual tweaking, it is nevertheless something that gives you a better chance at having an organized music collection, and that, too, for free.

We tested this software with Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download ID3 Album Art Fixer

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