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Fix Lit Up And Dead Pixels On Your LCD With IsMyLcdOK

Want to get rid of dead or stuck pixels on your screen? Dead pixels occur due to numerous reasons. Sometimes it’s because of transistor malfunctioning in CRT monitors, and if they get appeared on LCDs, it is maybe due to in-discrepancy of liquid distribution across the screen. Whatever the case is, you can easily notice them on desktop covered with some solid colors, like, pitch black, white, red, etc. Both always lit and dead pixels are annoying, but fortunately, can be fixed by using a pixel repairing tool, such as, IsMyLcdOK. It’s a miniscule portable application to check and repair dead pixels on your screen.

With IsMyLcdOK, you can conduct 10 pixel finding tests to locate the exact position of dead or abnormally lit-up pixels. Unlike previously covered Rizone Pixel Repair and UDPixel, it also allows you to check whether a vertical or horizontal range of pixels is damaged or not. To fix dead pixels, you can perform several dead pixel removing operations to fix all the stuck pixels on your screen along with horizontal or vertical pixel ranges in one go.

The application runs in full-screen mode. On the main screen, it lists down all the tests which you can conduct to locate the dead / stuck pixels on the screen. To perform one, just press respective test number on keyboard. For instance, for dead pixel, you can go for White Test. Press 1 to cover whole screen with bright white color to find a dark dead pixel. Similarly, you can check lit up pixel by conducting Black Test.


To check vertical and horizontal dead pixel range, press F7 followed by F8 to run both tests. The Endurance test runs all the tests subsequently to find all the dead pixel related problems. Below, you can see some dead pixels tests being performed to find and remove them off the screen.

vertical lines

paint lines

bit tests

IsMyLcdOK is a portable application and works on all versions of Windows.

Download IsMyLcdOK

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