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Fix Stuck Pixel in LCD Monitor Screen

Dead pixels on monitors are a rare problem which when occurs can be difficult to fix. There are two types of dead pixels, one that can be fixed and other that can’t be fixed, for the latter you have to send in the monitor for repair to the manufacturer and for the former it can be fixed using free Pixel Repair tools. Most users when facing a dead pixel send in the monitor for repair which can cost some bucks if the warranty is expired, little do they know that it can be fixed by themselves in a matter of seconds using Pixel Repair tools, one such latest tool to appear is Rizone Pixel Repair.

It is a small portable application built solely to address this dead/stuck pixel problem. The usage is pretty simple and self-explanatory. It provides a list of colors for locating dead pixel on screen. Click the desired color to make whole screen go into selected color mode. We would reckon you to check the screen against each available color.

rizone pixel

Once dead pixels are located, choose Color mode and click GO!. It will open a small flashy window switching those color which you’ve specified in Color mode. Now place this flashy window over the screen area where you have found a dead/stuck pixel. Now sit back and hope that these flashes will revive the dead pixel back to life.

flashy window

If this tool didn’t work out for you, try out UDPixel.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Testing was done on system running Window 7 32-bit OS.

Download Rizone Pixel Repair

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