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Fix Windows System & Network Issues With SysFix

SysFix is a small portable tool holding multitude of options to optimize, manage, and importantly fix common network & system issues. According to the author, it is built especially for network administrators who needs to be persistent in keeping tab on diverse system issues that may erupt anytime. It eventually helps in making network administrators more productive in less time without much effort involved. It provides options for optimizing system performance, checking network status, viewing router configuration settings, defragmenting drives, managing different destinations, and a lot more.

Even though you can perform all included tasks manually, the problem is that you will need to roam around different locations to configure multiple settings. It provides all necessary options under one hood for carrying out all network related important operations without much hassle. The interface is quite simple and also small in size. On main interface, you will see some routine tasks’ links such as; Check disk, Defrag (Defragmentation), and Disk Cleanup.


Under Tools menu, you will see all the tools it carries for managing network and for applying quick fix over different issues.  The Process Flusher can be used to flush the processes. SYSCommand provides a synthetic command line interface to quickly access the CLI. File Destruct helps in removing the file permanently. It uses repetitious file removing mechanism to ensure permanent removal of specified file. Net Tool carries all the basic options for configuring network settings easily. It includes; Router Login,Port Test, Flush DNS, and refreshing or changing current IP Address, etc. Renamer can functionally rename a file to another filename or extension while keeping original unchanged. Directory Destruct facilitates users in the very same way as it does with File Destruct, i.e., ensures permanent removal of directory.

SysFix Tools

File Organizer helps in organizing a folders based on their extensions. You just need to specify the destination and enable desired file extensions’ options to organize them properly.


It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

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