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Baku Fixes Windows System Registry Errors, Removes Unneeded Files, And More

Baku is an advance system utility to locate duplicate files on your system, search & delete superfluous files and junk, locate & fix system registry errors, and find and remove application MRU lists. You can also compact the registry hives to the minimum possible size. It has an ability to backup and restore the entire system registry.

Having a simple interface, the application is dead easy to use. All you need is to specify the action to be performed. You can select one from following options; Search for unneeded files, registry errors, application MRU lists, and duplicate files. However, other options are located under Registry menu, from where you can compact (defrag), import and export the whole registry.


Each functionality comes with a long wizard to perform the operation(s). Once the operation is completed, it will display the results to let user analyze the upgrade in performance/disk capacity.


The registry export feature offers fast backing up of registry files in ZIP format. From Driver menu, you can export all the Microsoft drivers to the disk.


A very useful application, offers fast processing for performing important system-backup related tasks, cleaning junk files, clearing MRUs, removing duplicates, etc. It requires .NET Framework 3.5 and works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Our testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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  • anonymous

    I noticed that Baku detects MUCH more junk files that other cleaning software.
    So, is this cleaner safe to use?
    Safe is the sense that it wont delete the wrong files and registry during clean-up and mess up my OS.
    Btw, is Baku’s registry cleaner or Comodo System Cleaner’s more reliable?