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FlashNote: Quick And Easy Note Taking Utility For Windows

We have recently looked at quite a few note taking applications, all having some unique feature or offering that makes it stand out from the crowd. My last review was for Notetray, a tiny program that allowed taking notes with formatting of any kind. Our readers pointed out another alternative software, FlashNote, which adds similar flexibility when it comes to usage, and also supports some features like hierarchal notes, formatting, hotkeys, etc.

After installation the tool runs in the system tray and can be invoked by either a double click or a hotkey combination (default is Alt + S). You can simply start writing in the window that appears, no complex options here.


The notes can be as many as you like, and thanks to the tree structure, support for child notes is also possible. Formatting options allow you to modify font, font color and background color.

Whenever you create a new note, it will come with time and date stamped up front. You may change that, but it is interesting and useful. Another very useful feature of Flashnote is it’s ability to paste clipboard text into a new note whenever one is created. This saves the user even more time.


Options are present under file menu, and lets the user tweak some of the program’s aspects.

FlashNote works with all versions of Windows, and tested the software on Windows 7 x86 OS.

Download FlashNote


  1. I LOVE this app. I’ve tried just about every other app available for win platform and every one of them is overcomplicated and slow. Glad I stumbled onto this one. Super fast and lightweight.

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