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FlashRecall – Don’t Forget Plugged In USB Flash Drive

Did you ever forget the USB flash drive behind while leaving the computer in hurry? Since I use the laptop this hasn’t occurred to me yet but I have seen many corporate users in such situations. Once you plug-in the USB Drive, finish your work and leave, there are high chances that you will forget to unplug the USB and take it back home.

This is because our mind is occupied with other things that are left to be done during the day. FlashRecall comes to aid here. It does nothing except showing a pop-up window and making a beeping sound using the motherboard speaker to notify the user to remove the attached flash drive.


Apart from it’s core feature, it shows the status, drive letter, serial number, and free space left on the USB drive. It can also be used with flash cards such as Sony or SD memory sticks that come with various digital cameras.

Download FlashRecall

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008, and Windows 7. Both installer and portable versions are available. Enjoy!

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