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Flickr2Frame – Flickr To Digital Photo Frame Downloader

Flickr2Frame is a great little standalone app that allows user to download images from Flickr to a Digital Photo Frame. This app was born out of the author’s frustrations with the Digital Photo Frames, he wanted to keep his parents updated with the latest photos but couldn’t find any app with such a functionality.

Downloading photos directly from Flickr to a Digitial Photo Frame is a wide idea. If your parents live far away, you can show them the latest photos simply by uploading them to Flickr. When they will run this app, it will automatically download the photos from Flickr to their Digital Photo Frame. Note that it will only work with non-wireless photo frames, which means that the Digital Photo Frame must be connected to the computer though a USB port for this app to work.


If you have a wireless Digital Photo Frame that supports Sony or any other memory card, then this app can download photos from directly from Flickr to the memory card. You can then insert this memory card in your photo frame to view the photos.

flickr2frame 2

Note that you have to create the sets which instructs Flickr2Frame which photos to download. To learn more about configuring the app, read the complete User Guide given here.

Download Flickr2Frame

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. If you want to install it in XP, note that it requires a minimum .NET Framework 2.0 to run. Enjoy!

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