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FloolaDesktop Brings iPod Style Music Playlist Management To Desktop

FloolaDesktop is a media management utility which offers a simple solution for your messed up media archive. So, how can it organize your enormous media collection? To begin with, it supports almost all media file formats. Be it podcasts, audiobooks, movies, and music files, you can insert any type of file to manage them without much hassle involved. The developer states that it is useful if you don’t have an iPod and want to manage music library on the desktop. What it means, in a nutshell, is that it brings iPod style music library management to the desktop.

After you’ve inserted media files, it will automatically create 3 categories which are, Genre, Artist, and Album, to help you in finding them with ease. Along with these groups, it also creates sample playlists to queue your favorite media files, latest played, and most recently added items. The main interface gives a complete overview of your media library. Each category holds the respective items with an option to edit the properties and associated meta information. The bottom pane displays audio and video files for selected category item. For instance, if you want to list down all the tracks which fall in Grunge genre category, select Grunge from Genre category to view all the corresponding tracks in bottom pane.


It comes with a small on-screen media player with basic playback, volume, playlist and navigation controls with a facility to share track which is being played with friends through social media platforms.

flooladesktop 2

Creating and managing playlist is a piece of cake. Just right-click an item listed in any of the categories, and select Create playlist to list all the underlying tracks in a separate playlist. The newly created playlists can be accessed from Playlist pane. To subscribe or manage podcasts which are not included in your library, click Podcasts menu, select Manage to add podcasts RSS URLs to download them into your media library.


FloolaDesktop lets you easily remove duplicate items. Unlike many other duplicate music file removers, it enables you to customize matching criteria for finding duplicate items in saved playlists.


You can save playlists in plain text and HTML format. While saving playlists, don’t forget to mention which sort of items you want to include in the exported playlist. FloolaDesktop is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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