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FluentNotepad: Notepad With Office 2010 Ribbon UI

Though the IT market is flourished with plenty of text editors, FluentNotepad is one program that will not miss your eye. With a brilliant, yet appealingly simple interface, this writing tool offers everything you need to start working on your drafts, memos and notes.

I haven’t personally come across a more interesting text editor. It is one of those applications that capture your attention and set your mood right–any writer would know how important these can be, especially when you get down to serious work.

Truth be told, this program can only offer you the most basic text editing features, such as font and font color selection, text alignment, and a bottom status bar to offer simplistic statistics about the document. But coming to think of it, is this why someone accesses a notepad application–for the features it offers? I’m not too sure and I certainly can’t vouch for others, but the only times I used Windows Notepad was to jot down some points or to set my drafts straight. And for this, I need an application that calibrates with my mindset and encourages me to write–FluentNotepad did just that!


Compared with Windows Notepad, you get a handful of added features, such as font choice and text alignment and the option to minimize the top options bar. Another innovation seen in this product is the integration of a Ribbon UI into an otherwise ordinary notepad. The Ribbon UI also allows users to adjust the position of the Quick Access toolbar (above or below the ribbon).

It supports Windows 7 OS; testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system.

Download FluentNotepad

Download FluentNotepad Latest Work-in-Progress version


  1. The developer’s website appears to be down.  Any idea on another location from which to download the application?

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