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FLV Joiner: Join/Merge/Combine FLV Video Files

FLV Joiner is a portable tool that can quickly join multiple flv videos. The process is blazing fast and lossless simply because it doesn’t recode the file. All it does is to stitch the flv videos together.

It could be useful in many cases where you want to download multiple parts of the video and then join them quickly. The total time of the combined files and the total file size are also shown, pretty neat tool if you ask me.

There is no limit on the number of files you can add. To combine more files, hit Clear to clear the list and then start adding more files. It has been tested to work on FLV1/H263, VP6, AVC/H264, and VFR flash video formats without any problems.

FLV Joiner

Please note that it will join the files based on the order in which they have been added. You can move the files up and down by using the arrows given on the right side.

Download Andy’s FLV Joiner (located on the top of left sidebar)

Since it is a portable tool it works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

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  • jawed

    the software is very usefull

  • charles

    the perfect free program. the creator is a genius. does exactly what you want simply and nothing else. i was trying to use virtual dub for over a year to do this, but it has so much trouble keeping up with all the different types of flv files coming out. this program is current

  • REU


  • IsraeliGuy

    wow this is so cool! and easy to use

  • REU


  • Pretty awesome software. Finally I’ve found this. Searching for this one from last 4 hours
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • ericag_ph

    I must have tried 5 tools out there before I stumbled into this one. This one does the job perfectly.

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  • Ptb88

    Searching for this one from last 5 days
    Thanks Alot

  • cameo

    Does one thing and does it very well! Extremely fast! Thank you for making this available for free to everyone.

  • bodipejnting890

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  • elaine

    1st i am happy of it as can join together without increased the size. however, when i play it, the video can’t adjustable. so i try to jonn them again, but noticed it lost its function after few days. it show reading file error. when i tried to join the other previous success 1, it fail also. this meant no the file. pls tel me what is going on.

  • Housardeur

    Does NOT work; they try to sell the program: 29 $; it is a TRIAL version and “joines” 1 (ONE !!!) file.
    :-[ …

  • Vangelis

    Contrary to what previous poster said, it functions BRILLIANTLY in Vista SP2, when joining absolutely identical (video/audio codecs, bitrate, dimensions) .flv files.
    Was the first result Google came up with for “Lossless FLV joiner” !

  • A2M

    Really efficient software…. Very fast and perfect… Much appreciate it…

  • Narendrajangidk

    this’s not working now

  • C-eklund

    Can’t find the link??

  • Anucsn

    Where is the link?

  • Juhuachad

    iDealshare VideoGo is the best choice for merging FLV files, which can join several FLV files into one FLV or directly join FLV into one MP4, merge FLV to MP3, merge FLV to AVI, merge FLV to MOV, MPG, DV, MKV, H.265, WebM.