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Follow Latest Business News With The Economist App For Windows 8

Today’s world is a global village and it is quite common for something happening in one part of the world directly or indirectly effecting the business activity in another region. If you work in a position where you have to make business decisions, staying up-to-date with the important relevent happenings the world over can be of utmost importance. There are many news sources and magazines such as BBC, Reuters, Newsweek, Time etc., that allow you to keep a keen eye on local as well as global events and when it comes to the field of business and economics, The Economist is one of the first sources that come to mind. It has made its name by providing breaking news and insightful expert opinions on topics ranging from politics, economics and business to science and technology. Recently, the official Windows 8 app for The Economist has been released that allows you to browse through select highlights and columns from the latest and past issues of the weekly in a slick, Modern UI interface. You can read article in different font sizes, listen to an audio stream of the text, and bookmark your favorite articles to read them later. If you are a subscriber, you can also access complete issues and even download them to your device for offline reading.

In order to get the app, go to Windows Store and search for ‘The Economist’. From the search results, select the relevant tile that will take you to its Windows Store page from where you can install it to your computer.

The Economist Store Main

When you launch the app for the first time, it will ask you to sign in using your account and password. In case you don’t have one already, you can create a new one by clicking the Register button at the lower right corner. In case you are a subscriber of The Economist, you can access the complete newspaper by entering your Customer Reference Number. Once you have entered the relevant information, hit the Register and activate button to sign in to the app.

The Economist Register

The main interface allows you to view the current, previous and recently viewed issues. You can access the previously published issues in the Back Issues section at the bottom. For convenience, the issues are arranged in reverse-chronological order and grouped together by the month.

The Economist Issues

Once you open an issue, its different sections can be easily accessed through their relevant buttons. While navigating through the app, the omnipresent E button in the top-left corner allows you to go back to the previous page from anywhere.

The Economist Main

When you are viewing an article, a bar at the bottom provides you with quick-access controls to bookmark the current article, stream its audio, and change the font size for optimal viewing.

The Economist Audio

Once you bookmark an article, it can be viewed at any time by selecting Bookmarks from the Settings Charms.

The Economist Bookmarks

The My Accounts & Settings option available in the Settings Charm allows you to change your Account Settings including log in information, region, subscription status, offline reading preferences etc.

The Economist Settings

The Economist app works on Windows RT and both 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Get The Economist app from Windows Store

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