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Follow News From The Sporting World On Windows 8 With Sports Republic

Sites like ESPN, SkySports and Yahoo! Sports help sports aficionados stay up to date with the latest news and happenings in the sports world. Though when you consider Sports Republic, all the aforementioned options may seem like second choices. The Sports Republic app has already had quite a bit of success on Android and iOS, and now it is available on Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT devices. The app gives you access to sports-related news, articles, pictures and headlines of your favorite teams and games in an impressive Modern UI. Even though it seems a bit short on features compared to its iOS and Android counterparts, it nevertheless makes for a great new entry to the Windows Store.

The app sports a tile-based interface featuring a green theme from top to bottom. The main screen gives access to various sections of the app including Pictures, All News, Top News, and the sports that you add as Favorites. You can scroll horizontally to access all these sections.

Sports Republic

The Pictures section of the app is rather interesting. It displays thumbnail previews of photos that are taken at various sports events, games, ceremonies etc., and you can click or tap on any thumbnail to view the photo in full screen.

Sports Republic_Pictures

A mini-description about the photo is also displayed when viewed in full screen mode. However, the lack of navigation buttons on this screen to move to other photos directly makes it less unintuitive, as one has to go back to the previous screen to select another photo.

Sports Republic_Pictures_Full Screen

The most commendable feature of the app is the number of topics and sports genres it has in its arsenal. You can add various games and sports channels to your favorites, which helps in quickly accessing their sections directly from the main screen. Topics can be selected under Selection, Last added and Most Popular categories.

Sports Republic_Add Topic

Tapping or clicking a story’s tile reveals the underlying story. Along with reading the whole article, you can also access other topics or news categories related to the current story. The text is sharp and crisp, and you can resize the font under the app’s settings for a more optimal reading experience. The app bar houses buttons for Refresh, Add/Remove Favorite, and Pin, the last of which allows to pin the current story directly to Windows 8 Start Screen for quick access.

Sports Republic_App Bar

Under the Preferences bar, you can change your region from the drop down menu to get the most relevant content. The available options include USA, France, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy and International. In addition, the font can also be adjusted via the slider.

Sports Republic_Settings

Sports Republic is arguably one of the best news aggregation apps that we have seen on Windows 8/RT. Testing of the app was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit.

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