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Forte Free Is A Professional Music Creator For Desktop

Creating an awesome musical piece is a craft work and only those who’ve been immensely moved by music can understand the work done behind it, be it rock, pop, classic or of any genre, creating a masterpiece require notes differentiating taste-buds. Music creation tools come useful to lend a helping hand in creating a desired musical piece. Forte Free is an awesome desktop music creator which can considerably mitigate the hard work involved. It is a full-fledged and feature-rich music creation tool, providing lot of options, features, different sound qualities (Guitar, Piano, Organ, percussions, drums) and hundreds of other synthesized sound effects.

The interface is quite helpful for both pros & amateurs alike. Usage is quite simple as it shows all the basic features right-up front. To start off with, two dialog boxes namely Music palette & Staff properties comes in quite handy to populate the notes chart.

forte free2

Diving deep, under Staff Properties window, you’d find multitude of instruments ranging from Guitar, Keyboard, Piano to Drums, percussions and hundreds of other complementary sound effects. As it has a never ending list, you also have an option to quickly search for required instrument/sound effect instantly. From Appearance tab, you can name the track and select the type of Staff which includes; Normal Staff, Grand Staff, Drum Staff, Percussion Staff, etc. The performance tab refers to insert high/low octaves and Half step value of Major/Minor/Augmented notes.

Once you’ve specified instrument(s) to be used and all the Staff settings are in place, move to the Music Palette dialog. From Music palette, you can insert notes of selected instrument into note sheet. As name implies, it is a palette, you can also insert different Accents, Dynamics, control Tempo, Insert chords, add Ornaments, and whole lot of other sound qualities.


You can move to Staff properties to switch the instrument and change other aforementioned settings anytime.  At the lower part of the window, it provides some basic master volume & tempo controllers and shows all the inserted tracks. Once you’ve put up all the desired notes from different instrument together, give it a final listen from the upper part of the window where you can see simple playback options. Once done, under File menu, you can save the project in its native format. For configuring advanced options, under Tool menu, from Preferences options, you can configure General, Sequencer, and Notation settings.

Casing short, it is one music creator which you’ll love giving a try. The interface and usage is easy to get by, since it is a feature-rich music creator, you can easily create a musical piece that you’ve ever wanted. The free version has some limitations which can be removed by upgrading to Standard version which costs $200 (suitable for professionals only).

It runs on all Windows based OS including the latest Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download Forte Free

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